Umatilla Electric Cooperative


Umatilla Electric Cooperative (UEC) was incorporated in 1937 through the Rural Electrification Act and serves more than 15,500 accounts on nearly 2,124 miles of power lines in Eastern Oregon. From its beginning, UEC has brought electric power to rural areas of Eastern Oregon that investor-owned utilities refused to serve. One third of the utility’s electric load goes to irrigation, helping the region’s agriculture to flourish. Over 40% of the co-op’s power serves the commercial and industrial sectors, helping provide the base for ongoing economic development and community improvement.

In November 2009, Tanner Creek Energy completed the design and installation of a 57.8 kW grid-tie ground-mounted photovoltaic system at Umatilla Electric’s headquarters in Hermiston, Oregon.

This system, as with all others delivered by Tanner Creek, features components from companies with strong ties to Oregon. The 330 solar panel modules are from SolarWorld (which operates a large solar panel manufacturing plant in Hillsboro) and two 30 kW inverters from PV Powered (based in Bend).

This system produces approximately 61,800 kWh of electricity per year and will reduce the facility’s carbon impact by an average 52 tons each year and by over 1150 tons over the 25 year life of the system.

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