U.S. industrial sector energy consumption totals nearly 28% of all energy consumption. The increasing costs of electricity, gas prices and materials, the down economy and increased global competition, have driven financial managers, plant/operational managers and top executives alike to embrace cost-saving energy initiatives.

Tanner Creek Energy specialists have extensive knowledge of the tools and technologies specific to industrial and manufacturing, as well as expertise in the programs and incentives for recovering investment costs.

Lowering the consumption of pumps, motors, compressed air, HVAC and other energy-dependent systems can reduce energy-related operating costs by up to 30% and result in a substantial reduction in carbon emissions. New technologies in motor systems, steam systems, compressed air and heating systems can lower energy consumption by 10% – 20% each.

Beyond the financial, operational and environments benefits, sustainable energy management practices can also:

* Enhance data collection to control costs
* Help protect and maintain assets/investments
* Generate positive attention
* Build employee pride
* Improve production processes
* Help with compliance with state laws and guidelines

Our team of experts will help identify and implement no-cost and low-cost industrial practices and prioritize investments in efficiency, conservation and renewables projects to ensure that energy savings recoup the cost of investment in the shortest possible timeframe. Tanner Creek has a thorough understanding of partner programs, financial incentives and government rebates that will ensure you the maximum return on your energy management investments.

Energy Reduction Targets:

* Lighting
* Pumps
* Refrigeration
* Materials Handling
* Compressed Air

Project Management: Tanner Creek Energy specialists have the years of experience, project management expertise and deep technical knowledge to meet your industry-specific needs. We provide project, procurement, and management services to ensure the success of your investment from idea through execution.

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